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Barber Haircuts For Men

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Barbershops have been significant not simply as a place to get haircuts. Barbershops also provide a setting where men can interact. Though barbershops have been in decline during the past few decades, they continue to provide a milieu for social interactions. Those who wear short barber haircuts for men still opt to go to barbershops because they remain the most economical choice for getting a trim.

Before a barber gives you a haircut, he will ask you what haircut you would like to have. Here are some of the classic barber haircuts that you can choose from:

The bowl cut is so named because it looks like someone put a bowl on top of your head and cut off all the hair that shows. This cut is characterized by long hair around the top of the head while the hair around the lower part of the head is much shorter. There can be little or no blending between the two lengths. Those who wear this hairstyle would tend to look young and boyish.

The brush cut got its name because the top of the hair is worn straight up to resemble the bristles of a brush. Those who wear the brush cut have the sides and back of their hair tapered and cut short. The hair on top is usually cut to the same length to follow the curve of the head.

The short, conservative businessman’s haircut that suits the office setting is characterized by a tapered cut on the back and sides. The top of the head is long enough so that it can be parted or brushed back from the forehead.

The Caesar cut is so named because the characteristic short bangs worn forward is a style that Julius Caesar wore. Meanwhile, the hair on top of the head is layered to around 1 or 2 inches.

A fade is an extreme type of a taper haircut. Those who wear this style have the hair on the sides and on the back cut very close to the head to a longer length on top of the head. The taper usually begins above the ears or the temple.

Those who wear the high and tight haircut have the sides and back of the head cut extremely short. It can either be clipped almost to the skin or razor-shaved all the way to the crown of the head. The top is usually worn ¼ inches or shorter while the forward part of the head is also worn very short. The sides and the top have very minimal blending.

In choosing one of these barber haircuts, it is important to know what style would best be suited to the shape of your face. Your overall head shape, hairline and facial features are all factors that would determine the most appropriate haircut for you.

Height can also be a factor in choosing a haircut. Wearing the hair upwards from the top of the head gives the illusion of more height.