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Modern Hairstyles For Men – The Pompadour

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Modern is a word that denotes a current or recent style. This word is often used to define what is in fashion. There are a wide variety of things that are modern. Clothes, shoes, and accessories are just a few variants of modern fashion. Thus, leading to the discussion on modern hairstyles for men.

What are modern hairstyles for men?

Men’s hairstyle has gone through a long series of evolution. However, one hairstyle has become the iconic haircut of 2014. This hairstyle is the Modern Pompadour.

A Pompadour is styled by brushing the hair upwards and away from the face. Usually, a Pompadour is swept back and worn slick. However, it was modernized through a great deal of experimentation with length, width, and style. Over time, the haircut has become far more flexible than its younger days when it was discovered. The Pompadour was Elvis Presley’s signature hairstyle in the 1950s. It wasn’t until the end of 2013 when the Pompadour began to take on a much more modern image.

A Modern Pompadour has the same concepts of the original except it depicts aspects of an Undercut hairstyle. A Modern Pompadour will require the sides to be cut with a grade-one length and it is also advisable to consider having a skin fade at the base of the haircut. The Modern Pompadour must coordinate with the shape of a person’s face. Which means, the shape of the Modern Pompadour must compliment the shape of the person’s face. The hair must be cut very high into the curve of the head while allotting more length through the top. There is also an option wear the Modern Pompadour connected into the crown or completely disconnected. Additionally, since the Modern Pompadour can be worn in a wide array of different styles, it makes the hairstyle one of the more versatile haircuts available. It can also be easily worn by men of all ages and provide a first-class image in the casual and professional levels.

The Modern Pompadour has grown to be the most iconic haircut of 2014. A large majority of A-list celebrities have been seen at least once this year with a Modern Pompadour. In addition, a number of celebrities also made the Modern Pompadour their preferred hairstyle. Celebrities like Bruno Mars, David Beckham, and Justin Timberlake all their own unique and distinct manner of wearing their Modern Pompadour.

As amazing as the Modern Pompadour is, it still comes with a few flaws. Particularly, it is a very high maintenance hairstyle. It takes quite sometime to finish and maintain. It is recommended to have the hairstyle refined every few weeks to keep maintained and looking pristine.

The Modern Pompadour, the iconic hairstyle of 2014 for men. It is a versatile haircut with a classic and innovated style. It has surpassed a great test of time from the 1950s until now. It was iconic back in the day and age of Elvis Presley but now has resurfaced and in a new and improved fashion. It is the final definition of what is considered as modern hairstyles for men.