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Receding Hairline Haircuts

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Age is one of the most inconvenient problems a man experiences with his hair. If hair turning grey isn’t enough of a nuisance, try having your hairline starting to recede. It is a common experience among men as they age. However, there are known receding hairline haircuts that prevent the hair impediment from being noticeable, or conspicuous.

It is possible to cover up signs of hair loss, such as receding hairlines, just by simply altering your hairstyle. Such receding hairline haircuts, that are capable of concealing receding hairlines, are the Caesar cut, the Shag hairstyle, and the Buzz cut. However, if a man opts to accept the signs of hair loss, well he is perfectly free to get a clean shave. After all, there is no shame in losing hair, as long as a man can lose it with style.

The Caesar Cut, is a very stylish haircut that doesn’t require a lot of hair. The Caesar cut is layered about one to two inches and the fringe is short and horizontally cut. George Clooney has been known to have this hairstyle. In concealing a receding hairline, the Caesar cut is slightly modified by having the sides clipped a bit shorter and the top, middle part is left longer and combed forward. It is also vital to keep the hair in place. Therefore, it is advised to apply gel or wax to maintain its style.

The Shag hairstyle is another common haircut that conceals a receding hairline. It is the perfect haircut when experiencing the early stages of receding hairlines because it does not require having short hair. It is commonly known as the bed-head cut. The Shag is more of a hairstyle than a haircut. Basically, it is done by using wax or gel and intentionally messing up your hair. However, you must make sure that longer hair will fall in the front and medium length hair to the back. The mess of the Shag hairstyle itself is the cover for the receding hairline. Thus, making it perfect for men during the early stages.

The Buzz Cut is another short haircut. However, it is not a haircut that conceals receding hairlines. It is for men who are already in the latter stages, or whose hairlines have already receded. Although, it doesn’t conceal a receded hairline, it does however let a man continue to be stylish. Jason Statham, Adam Levine, and John Travolta are famous men who have been seen to wear a buzz cut. If it has already been too late to conceal the hairline, don’t worry because a buzz cut is one of the many wonderful solutions to being stylish with a receded hairline.

Hair loss is a natural part of a man’s life. Eventually, a man will lose all his hair as time ticks away. For some, it is still a long time. For others, it might just be a few months or years. Therefore, it is extremely helpful to know what kinds of hairstyles there are that can hide a receding hairline or even make a receded hairline stylish. Remember, there is no shame in losing hair, as long as a man can lose it in style.