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Short Spiky Hairstyles For Men

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Born out of rebellion, the short spiky hairstyles for men can send a distinct message. However, it can also look good with a bit of nuance. This depends on a lot of different factors, but overall, there are some highlights that can be seen with this option.

short-spiky-hair short-spiky-hairstyle

The Cut

Short spiky hair can be extreme or simple. On the extreme side, you can see Mohawks with liberty spikes taking charge in the underground music scene. However, one can use loads of gel and hairspray to get spikes coming across like a cartoon. The cut usually is nuanced to fit the needs of spiking. Shorter hair works best here, so a short haircut is needed. However, styles like a flat top can have some spiking. Faux hawks don’t work the same, as that requires a lot of hair to create the style. Shorter hair can come out of a crew cut, or any number of buzz cuts, cut under options and beyond.

The Styling

Styling short spikey hairstyles for men requires gel, hairspray, or some other firm holding item. It cannot be done without work, and the items used to stiffen strands need to set before going out. The punk look is easy to pull off, but can be hard to master over time, which is why shorter, straight hair works best here.