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Pompadour Hairstyle For Men

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The Pompadour hairstyle is absolutely suitable for all ages and men who are daring enough should go and try this classic hairstyle to attain their masculine appeal.  This hairstyle is totally variable and can complement the personality and lifestyle of a person.

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The Cut

The core of Pompadour hairstyle is in its length and curve angle. The hair should be clipped very high into the curve of head. It is always good to have more length on the top section.  Ideal look can be achieved by keeping the same length and tapering the edges.  The facial look will be enhanced with little edge tapering and it will add strength to a great extent to the overall shape.

The Styling

Sweep back the hair while they are wet and then apply a shine gel to set the hair.  For a crisp and brilliant finish, apply a wet styling cream unto towel dried hair.  For those who want more volume, blow dry hair, use a vent brush, and move the hair into desired direction.  Use finishing product to create heavy texture and strong shine.