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Mens Undercut Hairstyle

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We’ve put together the ultimate undercut inspiration with guide, with over 50 photos of the various ways you can cut this versatile look.

You see it everywhere, from actors on the television to models on magazines to people on the street. Mens undercut hairstyle is touted as the hairstyle of the year for 2015 by most fashion experts, and its raging popularity really does make it a strong contender for the title. But how do you get one?

First, make sure the style would suit you. You can go online and check pictures of mens undercut hairstyle and see if it would look great on your face, given factors like shape and size. The length of the hair you should leave on top depends to a great extent on the face of your shape. This look is not for everyone.  It’s a rather risky hairstyle to ask for, so be sure you want it and be sure you can pull it off first.

Hair type is also crucial here.  It works best with thick, fine hair, although you can use a volumizer if your hair is on the thin side. The style can also accentuate your thinning hairline, so find a variation that addresses that.  For instance, have the sides cut extra short around the front temple area. One you’ve found a look you like, ask your stylist if it will look good on you, and ask for suggestions and improvements.

Another choice you have when going for an undercut is whether the stylist would use scissors over comb. It is recommended, however, that you go with the second option. Have the stylist use clippers instead. Number 2 clippers work great for shorter cuts, but if you would rather have more length left, you can go with the number 3. Clippers would give the cut a fresher, more defined look. Remember that the sharpness of the cut is crucial.  Make sure the cuts made are well-trimmed and defined on the edges. In particular, make sure you check the back of the neck and the area around your ears. Have your stylist refine the cuts if you’re unsatisfied with the sharpness.

As for the top, the rule of thumb is the longer it is, the better (as long as it’s still only reasonably long, that goes without saying). Longer hair on the crown looks better with straight hair, but wavy hair should be cut shorter to give that straighter, edgier look. With the undercut, you also have different options: you can sweep it to the sides, slick it back for a more elegant look, or tousle it for that just-got-out-of-bed casual ‘do with the added edge.

Now, as for maintaining the hairstyle you choose, make sure you find the ideal product for you. The more popular choice is styling wax. If you decide to go with hair gel, however, choose one with a stronger formula. This will make sure your sleek, hard finish will hold longer. Gel products with lighter formulas will allow the natural wave of your hair to appear, so if you prefer the slicked back variant, make sure you stay away from those.