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Fashionable Mens Hairstyles

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Whether you want to argue about the classics, or you want something more contemporary, you’ll find that fashionable mens hairstyles can come and go in terms of popularity. What once was a staple, may not be here tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some interesting options to consider.

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The Cut

Right now, a lot of stock is being put into the pomade heavy, slick “Made Men” style that is proliferating pop culture. The ultra-shiny, combed look is a good solution for those in the office, and it definitely screams formal. Haircuts that are short, including the undercut work here, but longer hair can work, with a lot more product, of course. A tapered undercut could work, so long as the top is not too long or too short. Some may call this a “hipster” look, but it works on a lot of levels. The not so buzz works as well, cutting hair in a buzz cut is too short, but leaving something there can provide a good amount of flexibility. The key is length on the shorter cuts.

The Styling

Style is an important factor, and most fashionable styles right now favor the slick, shiny, and in place formatting. The easier the better, which is why pomade and a comb may be the best friend of the fashionable male.