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Faux Hawk Hairstyle For Men

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The Faux Hawk hairstyle for men is usually worn with a small but noticeable spike in the middle which runs from front to back.  Although it is considerably shorter than the traditional Mohawks, it is nonetheless more interesting and stylish.  It is one of the famous hairstyle of football celebrity, David Beckham, and it can be an attractive look on everyone with hair worn spiked or down.

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Faux Hawk Hairstyle

The Cut

Maintain a clean line between the portions of the hair through careful shaving. Keep around one-quarter to half an inch on the sides and also increase to two to four inches on the top.  The length and thickness of the hair may vary – the more unshaved hair, the more products will be needed for the spiky look.

The Styling

Hair should be slightly damp before applying any firm hold gel, cream or wax.  Rub between your palms and run your fingers through the front and back of your hair to ensure product is evenly distributed.  Brushing, backcombing, blow-drying, and twisting are required.  On the top of your head, make a sort of triangle with your hand and grab pieces of hair.  Twist them upwards and push the back hair towards the front.  The side of the hair should be kept diagonally forward using your fingers.  Finish with a generous dose of hairspray.