George Clooney Haircut

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Ahhh the George Clooney haircut. There’s nothing like looking like the man women love and men want to be. Throughout the years George Clooney haircuts have set the trends for men around the world. We take a look at some of the cuts George has rocked over the years so that you can take inspiration from his looks when you’re next getting your hair cut.

The Caesar

In 1994 George Clooney got his start as Dr. Doug Ross in ER. It was throughout this era that he sported what was known as the “Caesar”. Named after the famous Roman, this was one of the most copied George Clooney haircuts out there. It takes a certain type of guy to be able to wear this cut well, but we think you’ll agree, George can pull it off:



The Sidepart

This is classic George Clooney right here. Classic George indeed. This sharp side part is perhaps what he is most famous for, and is a haircut men around the world have been copying in a big way. Here we can see the hair has been styled with Pomade to create that sharp side part, with relatively closely cropped hair:



The Close Crop

Here we see a very traditional, close cropped haircut for George. This style is great for older men, particularly with the salt and pepper look that George has going on here. Coupled with some extensive facial hair growth, it’s a great, classic look that suits most men:


The Rest of Them

So you get the picture… George Clooney knows how to rock a mean haircut. Rather than rambling on any further about his hairstyles we figured it’s time to just lay out a bunch of pictures. So here they are in all their glory: