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Indie Hairstyles For Men

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An introduction to indie hairstyles for men.

Those involved in the music scene wear indie hairstyles. The bedhead look and slightly shabby appearance is a basic characteristic of these indie hairstyles and the cut is known for being stylish and for allowing easy maintenance.

Of all hairstyles, the indie hairstyle is considered as the most personality expressive, offering most room for creativity. That is why musicians, artists and other creative people opt to wear this look. Not only are they trendy. They are also considered to be versatile and elegant, allowing the wearer to put one of these hairstyles on whether they are in a formal or casual outfit.

An indie hairstyle is characteristically short or medium and stops at the shoulder. Levels of this hairstyle’s messiness could also have different variations. For one, you could have a neat like appearance on one side or a shaggy look all throughout. Some indie hairstyles for men have parts of their hair straightened out with a straightening iron.

Colors or colours if you are British – and find spelling a real chore – can also enhance your indie hairstyle. Though black is a basic shade of indie hairstyles, other colors can express the wearer’s mood. Some of those who do not wish to dye their hair can opt to wear colored extensions instead. Bangs can either be long and pushed to one side or they can have angled cuts.

Cuts around the sides can allow a view of the ears or it can grow all the way down to the shoulders.

In choosing an indie hairstyle, it is important to ask one’s self if he or she is willing to do the necessary maintenance or even spend what is necessary to maintain that look.

The behead look is achieved by clever cutting and products such as texturizing gum and waxes. This style is best worn on a day old hair rather than the freshly washed fluffy hair. Longer indie hairstyles need the help of products like mousse, gel or wax to help create a tousled unbrushed look and to keep the styling.

One specific example of an Indie Haircut is the Shag look which looks both messy and planned at the same time. This look is achieved by keeping the hair long and floppy while the bangs are pushed out of the eyes.

The hairstyle that Johnny Depp wore for Edward Scissorhands would also earn a distinction as a particular indie hairstyle. This hairstyle is characterized by very choppy layers with a blow-dried bottom and an extreme bedhead look.

The Indie Mullet features a short angular top and a long back with hair falling along the neckline. Even the Pompadour hairstyle has its own indie rock variation.

The bohemian hairstyles are best worn by men with wavy hair. Bohemian hairstyles can be side-parted or center-parted with bangs and fringes adding more elegance to the look.

There are even more variations of Indie hairstyles but they all share independent, rocky, glamorous, and elegant looks giving fairly androgynous looks to guys and girls alike.