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Ivy League Haircuts For Men

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Ivy League Haircuts For Men

The Ivy League is a group of the most prestigious schools of the United States of America. It is consists of Columbia University, Cornell University, Harvard, Princeton, Yale and a handful of other universities. The Ivy League is well known for its high standard of education and prestigious list of graduates and alumni. So does this mean celebrities with an Ivy League haircut are alumni of the Ivy League?

The answer to that question is, “no”.

Ivy league haircuts for men are not limited to Ivy League alumni. Even though, the hairstyle did originate from the Ivy League. It is still a highly debatable matter in determining whether the Ivy League haircut originated from Harvard or Princeton. Thus, leading to some to call ivy league haircuts for men as either the Harvard Clip or the Princeton. Regardless, the Harvard Clip and the Princeton are both one and the same and is known as the Ivy League.

An Ivy League is a crew cut wherein the hair on top is long enough to accommodate a side part. The side part is then brushed to the side. It can also be worn with or without a short pompadour front. It has many other options such as styling it as a standard crew cut or as a forward brush wherein the short bangs and the rest of the top hair are brushed forward.

Normally, an Ivy League measures at half an inch to an inch in length at the crown while the front is longer by about one and a half inches in length and the length at the top is always a short length at an estimated of being less than two inches. The back and sides of the head are tapered to personally preferred lengths in an Ivy League haircut. Since it is a conservative hairstyle, it is not recommended to brush up an Ivy League. Hair gel and mousse are particularly used to maintain the conservative nature of the haircut.

For a shorthair haircut, the Ivy League shows a great deal of versatility. It can be styled in a multitude of ways and shows great promise in being a long lasting haircut. It also has a conservative look and a neatly tapered shape that gives the Ivy League a simple and yet classy look and feel. Celebrities wearing an Ivy League haircut may include actor Matt Damon and Real Madrid soccer player Xabi Alonso.

The Ivy League Universities is well known for its pristine reputation and elite educational services. While an Ivy League haircut is known for its versatility as a crew cut and its conservative nature that provides a certain level of class and elegance, the same level of class and elegance that the Ivy League Universities are being recognized for. Although there are no 100 percent guarantees for one to enter an Ivy League school, appearing to your interview with a flawless Ivy League might help in increasing your chances for admission. After all, the hairstyle was named after the illustrious organization.