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Mens Hairstyle for Thin Hair

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For hair that is thinning, an ideal hairstyle is one that is short and spiked or a cut that’s short all over and slightly tapered in back and on the sides.  This style creates the illusion of a fuller head of hair which works in any professional or social environment.

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Hairstyle for Thin Hair

The Cut

Hair is cropped short, which reduces the difference between thinner areas and the rest of hair. At the front, hair is left a little bit longer and styled forward for extra forehead coverage. Over time, a closer cut may become more flattering.

The Styling

The right style minimizes the appearance of thinning hair or a receding hairline.  It’s best to use a lightweight styling product that holds hair into place without weighing it down. Super simple styling keeps dark and thin hair looking thick.

Investing in some hair paste can prove beneficial.  Apply a small amount to towel-dried hair and make sure to distribute the product evenly throughout. The rough texture gives hair extra volume, leading to the perception that you have a fuller head of hair.