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50s Hairstyles For Men

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A style worn by stars: 50s hairstyles for men

The 1950s is an unforgettable decade because it is the decade that saw the rise of rock n’ roll, the Cold War and the Beatniks-all of which would influence the popularity of classic 50s hairstyles for men.

These styles are worn by stars such as Elvis Presley, James Dean, and Frank Sinatra in the decade that would be known as the best era for the hairdressing industry. The 50s hairstyles for men remain popular these days because of the neat and presentable look conveyed by those who wear them.

One such example of 50s hairstyles for men is the pompadour hair style whose variations included the Ducktail, which is also known as the Duck’s Ass (or Duck’s Arse in the UK), or simply the D.A. Originally a style developed by Joe Cerello in the 1940s, the D.A. gained popularity in the 1950s when James Dean and Elvis Presley joined Cerello’s clientele.

By combing the hair back around the sides of the head, this style achieves resemblance of a duck’s rear. The tooth edge of a comb then defines a central part running from the crown to the nape at the back of the head. This hair style earned the reputation of conveying “a bad boy’s image,” making it unpopular with school authorities but extremely popular with men of all ages.

Another one of those 50s hairstyles for men, is the Slicked Back Look worn by film star Bela Lugosi. Lugosi’s role as Count Dracula, helped make this style even more appealing. Achieving this style only requires combing the hair back with the use of a styling cream. Nowadays, gels are used in lieu of the cream used in the 50s.

While the pompadour hairstyles were more popular with the younger men, the conservative, short hairstyles earned more popularity with older men.  These short and neat hairstyles are generally maintained with hair-oil. Screen legends Clark Gable and Cary Grant are among those who wore this style by having a part on one side or the other.

Younger men who wanted to look more rebellious with their long greased hair keep the neatness by always having a comb to maintain the neatness.

The crew cut style derived itself from the military haircut given to millions of draftees. Government and other officials wore this particular style because it conveys hard work ethics and a strong sense of responsibility.

Like the crew cut, the flat top has cuts close on the side of the head above the ears, and on around the head.

The Ivy League, which is also called the Harvard Clip or Princeton, is also a crew cut. This style keeps the hair on top of the head long enough to style with a side part. The Ivy League hairstyle has its variations. One such variation is a forward brush with the short bangs and the rest of the top hair brushed forward.

Wearing a 50s hairstyle requires the help of some products such as setting spray, hair oil and hair cream.