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Emo Hairstyles For Guys

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Emo hairstyles for guys became popular during the year 2006, making a peak around 2008 and 2009. Emo hairstyles are often associated with the youth because of its rebellious aura and the use of wild hair colors such as red, purple, blue, green and pink. Emo hairstyles for guys look edgy and modern; however such hairstyles are not suitable for corporate work. When you’re young and at it, you can feel free to experiment with emo hairstyles.

Must haves for Emo Hairstyles

Emo hairstyles for guys call for straight and long hair. If you’re starting from short hair, allow your hair to grow long first before having it straightened. Hair grows an inch per month. Always opt for professional straightening like hair relax, hair rebond or keratin blowout and avoid DIY hair straightening kits if you’re a neophyte when it comes to hair straightening.

Next, the emo hairstyles for guys must always have bangs. Bangs often cover the entire forehead or are parted to one side, thus covering one eye. The longest part of the hair should be the bangs. You can either let your bangs lose especially if they’re fine and soft. If you have coarse bangs, you can shape them using a hair pomade or hair wax. Whatever happens, emo hairstyles have definitive spikes. Spikes can be achieved using a molding cream or wax.

The cuts for emo hairstyles are textured. The lengths of the hair vary. Black is the staple hair color for emo hairstyles for guys, although some guys prefer to keep their natural brown or blonde hair color. The final touch for emo hairstyles is color. Red, blue, pink, purple, blonde and green colors are popular choices. A combination of black with blonde streaks is suitable for guys who wish not to experiment with color.

Emo hairstyles look best with matching emo makeup. Make up is not necessary, especially for guys who want to pull off an emo hairstyle without looking too grunge.

Emo Hairstyles Color

If you have blonde hair, coloring is easy. You can opt for permanent or semi permanent hair color or hair chalks. Hair chalks stay on your hair until you decide to wash it off. The intensity can be adjusted. For guys with black or brown hair, hair chalks may give off a lighter color.

Hair Care Tips for Emo Hairstyles

Maintaining emo hairstyles require hair gels, hair waxes and hair pomades. Overtime, the use of these products contributes to product build up in the hair follicle, leading to hair fall and balding. Men are more prone to balding especially at the age of 35. Emo hairstyles often call for stylish and daring hair colors contrasted against black hair. To care properly for your hair, remember to use deep hair masks and deep conditioners once a week to prevent dryness and split ends. Dry hair will look very obvious on emo hairstyles. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove the product build up and always use a conditioner every after shampoo to keep your hair soft.