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80s Hairstyles For Men

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The 80s hairstyles for men are still being utilized today, and some are classic in style. Getting that look from the era of pop and new wave is tough, as there are some nuances that need to be carefully taken care of in order to get the right look.


The Cut

The cut of the 80s flows throughout pop culture. For the hip hop fan, the high and tight fade used to be the norm. The higher the hair with the fade, the better. The mixed undercut and wavy, curly hair on top that grew over like a bush can work well here as well. For the counter culturist, the hard Mohawk that was the staple in “Taxi Driver” also harkens back to the 1980s. The disheveled look appeals today, and requires layering, careful trimming, and styling to get correct.

The Styling

Styling 1980s hair ranges from a little bit of work to complexities that take time. Longer hair with lots of volume requires a lot of hair spray, as denoted by the glam rock bands of the metal era. Mousse can help with curls and volume as well, but more often than not, a comb and a part to the side can help for that formal look. Those that worked within the new wave era need gel and hard angles to create the look and appeal of the 80s.