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Blonde Men Hairstyles

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Much like any other type of hairstyle, blonde men hairstyles can proof to be vexing when done wrong. In order to look great with blonde hair, certain precautions should be taken, as it doesn’t fit everyone quite as well as they may think. Whether dyed or natural, there are a few styles that work best here.


The Cut

There are several cut options that work best with blonde hair. The tried and true short buzz works out well and has been used by celebrities for quite some time. The key is not to go to the scalp, but rather have short enough to look strong, and masculine. The undercut works for those that are looking at a more rebellious and “rocker” style. Cutting it shorter underneath while having the top heavy, goes all the way back to the King of Rock and Roll. The Bob cut can work with blonde hair, as long as it has been professionally done, and uses a bit of volume to make it stand out. However, it can easily become unmanageable and too long.

The Styling

The styling comes with the cuts chosen for blonde men hairstyles. The shorter it is, the easier it will be to style. The undercut takes a bit of work, but parts, and volume can help. The Bob is laborious, but can be trained for better management.