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Are Hipster Haircuts out of Fashion?

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Are Hipster Haircuts out of Fashion? Two different views from Jamie and Amy:

– Jamie

(who got out on the wrong side of bed this morning)

Hipsters have been uncool for around 15 years now for anyone who’s in the know, so anyone still wearing a hipster haircut needs to stop flucking around with the CAD program on their iPad (pretending they’re a graphic designer), take off their thick framed glasses, fire up their fixed gear urban outfitters bike and get down to their local barbers before they are found out for the fashion victims they are.


Hipsters brand themselves as ‘alternative’ and ‘cool’, but branding is about all hipsters are – there’s nothing authentic or different about them because they follow the crowd and that’s what makes them uncool. Hipster is supposed to mean ‘counter-culture’ and was adopted by the young creative types from New York’s Williamsburg and London’s Hackney who wanted to stand apart from the crowd, drink double filtered coffee, wear skinny jeans, and live in really expensive (but run down looking) exposed brick warehouse conversions.

These Hipster guys and girls are in lots of ways the modern day Yuppies of the 1980s – a bit self-absorbed, and followers of whatever is supposed to be cool without ever really caring about substance. They drink cocktails from empty Jam jars, why? And they ride on single geared antique looking bicycles, when having a modern bike is so much easier, so what’s that about? And the hipster hairstyles most of them look totally ridiculous and take loads of work to maintain. It’s all about style over substance.

There was never anything really unique about the Hipsters. Uniqueness is when someone dresses and has a hairstyle that says ‘I don’t give a $%^& about being cool’ I like what I like and I’m not going to follow the crowd to try and impress anyone. To be unique choose a ‘boring’ hairstyle if you want to, maybe that’ll help you keep that job so you can save money in order to do something truly cool you’re working on or travel or study  or something.

The Urban Dictionary defines hipsters as “a subculture of men and women, typically in their 20s and 30s, that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics”.

In reality, the word Hipster and the word Yuppie are synonymous, so the new term is ‘Yuccie’ which has entered the dictionary to describe them.  The new subculture of the Yuccie encompasses everything I don’t like about Yuppies and Hipsters, like buying $20 packs of ‘craft beer’ or spending $100 at Whole Foods when the usual supermarket food costs $50 so they don’t have to ingest all the rubbish food poor people have to, all while claiming to be ‘alternative and progressive’ – yea you can tell I have a real problem with Hipsters. $40-$80 at the barber is not uncommon for an undercut & beard trim, and all while living at home with mum and dad who go out to work in actual jobs.

In London, UK Hipsters have reached a new level with $10 breakfast cereals! The Hipsters at Cereal Killer Café eat their $10 cornflakes outside their fancy café and snort drugs from £50 notes for breakfast. All along the street Hipsters gather for breakfast – lining up for their expensive cereal while everyone else in this dirt poor area of London struggles with rising poverty and inequality – more evidence of how deeply uncool the Hipsters breed are. People are so strongly against these Yuppie Hipsters that they have even been rioting outside the Hipster Cafes. Down with Hipsters they chant.

These days if you wear one of the Hipster hairstyles found on this very website, then you are identifying with an out of fashion & originally uncool subculture.

Uncool-hipstershipster haircut our of fashion


 – Amy:

Don’t listen to Jamie, he is bitter and depressed, his girl just left him for a guy who is definitely a cool Hipster, and she is hot. Also, Jamie is almost bald at age 23 so he couldn’t have a hipster haircut even if he wanted to, he wears a comb-over hairstyle like my dad. Are Hipster Haircuts out of Fashion?NO

It is easy to brush aside a haircut called hipster as being almost ancient. However, the craze that is seen among men for different variations of this haircut only goes on to prove that hipster haircut has never really gone out of vogue. Only recently, it was none other than singer and actor Justin Bieber who was seen sporting a hipster haircut. Considering the kind of fan following Justin has among millions of boys and girls around the world, you can easily conclude that hipster haircut is an in thing as far as fashionable hairstyles are concerned.


Today, the hipster remains an epidemic sweeping youth across the world. However, this is not a haircut that is easy to categorize with it being difficult to find two identical hipster hairstyles. There are as many variations of this retro hairstyle as there are men taking the liberty to sport long locks and neatly trimmed beards to complement the hairstyle. Men sporting hipster dos, do not want to be seen as being conformists. These boys hate to be labelled as being too mainstream and one way that allows you to identify someone with a hipster haircut is to search for the nonconformist.

So be prepared to encounter a nonconformist sporting handlebar moustache with slicked back hair or a guy with long locks and beard. Many men with hipster haircut can present a vintage look to you with long hair at the top and short hair at the sides. In fact, a small bun at the back with a muscular body is a kind of hipster that looks very hot and stylish to women. Even without muscles, there are many boys who carry buns with long hair pulled back to have a mesmerizing hipster hairstyle.


Despite the fact that no two hairstyles are alike, this haircut is creating waves across the world with young boys and men loving it for its ability to increase their fashion quotient. No matter what your friend circle wears or does, you are certain to hog the limelight if you know how to carry this cool hairstyle in your attire. The haircut presents so many options to men in terms of short and long hair and even moustache and beard. Hipster haircut is equally compatible with a corporate look as it is with a rebellious artist or a hippy.



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