James Dean Haircut

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James Dean Haircut

You can get the James Dean haircut too with these photos for inspiration. You may not be a rebel without a cause, but at least you’ll look like one! James Dean remains a style icon 60 years after his death in 1955 aged 24, in an accident in his Porsche 550 ‘Little Bastard’ on route to a racing event driving at over 85mph on Route 46.

If you have wavy hair that is medium to thick in texture you can pull this look off. Just keep the sides a nice length with the top longer, in a rough 2:1 ratio and blend it all together. Then use a pomade to style it all, by combing it back ideally while your hair is slightly wet.  Then you can let it dry naturally if you have natural thick hair or blow dry it while brushing backwards if you want to increase volume. For the final touches complete the look with putty and smooth the back and sides down to finish off.

Imperial Barber Products Matte Pomade 4 oz

For those desiring a natural, no-shine finish with a light-to-medium hold water base pomade. Texture adding, strengthening, and moisture retaining, it will dry in light and natural with control without weighing the hair down.

  • water based
  • light to medium hold
  • no shine finish
  • textured natural look
  • works with all hair types
  • net wt. 4 oz.