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Mens Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

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One of the more difficult options to style is that of mens hairstyles for wavy hair. This can be especially difficult when one has thick and wavy hair. The style and cut that is best here may be as simple as getting a buzz cut, as to not mess with the changes and options. However, that’s too easy of a route to go down, especially when there are some discerning styles to look into moving forward.

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The Cut

The undercut is one of the best options here. Short along the back and sides with a top that is thicker can always have a variety of options. Whether it’s parted, brushed to one side, or combed over, this allows for a great amount of versatility with wavier hair. A layered cut for professionals can work here as well, but not quite as extreme as the undercut. Going with a layered cut, that fits the shape and size of a person’s head can really help with this. The key is not to go too short, or it may not work.

The Styling

For wavy hair, product will be needed to style. Unless one goes with a buzz cut, there are management issues that will come with hair of this type. Pomade, gel, mouse, and other options will help control the longer strands, and allow for a bit of contour on the shorter end. The cut dictates the styling choices in this regards.