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Mens Hairstyles For Straight Hair

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There are a lot of different mens hairstyles for straight hair, and it comes down to figuring out whether you want to go with a classic style, or something a bit more rebellious. Getting that masculine look and feel can be easily done with a comb and some gel, but if you want the more dishevelled look, you’ll need to factor in some other steps. The following are quick options to consider in regards to straight hair.

college-cut-hairstyle mens-straight-hair

The Cut

There’s a few cuts that work here, including short and tight. The classic “college cut” is a good fit as well, however it’s important to get this professionally done. Don’t pull out the clippers and try to get this done on your own. The “bowl cut” doesn’t work, unless you’re a child. Avoid that option. For those with long hair, the classic long straight hair can flow, but it should be treated with volume. When in doubt, a short haircut works here, even if it means a buzz cut.

The Styling

Styling straight hair takes a bit of work, but can be done through a variety of methods. With the exception of the buzz cut, layering helps a bit, and having distinct differences between the top and sides works well here. Simplicity is the best feature to work with in this regards.