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Mens Layered Hairstyle

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Mens Layered Hairstyle

The key to nice haircuts for guys are that they can be styled clean cut and formal or messy and casual. Here, hair is layered to add lots of texture and dimension to hair. Whether hair is styled for work or play, you don’t want it to go limp or fall flat.

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The Cut

Layered hair is all about cutting hair at different lengths throughout the hairstyle. These lengths are blended perfectly or they might not be blended together at all which gives a chunky appearance.  The way the layers are organized creates the shape of the hairstyle.

The Styling

To style hair, apply a small amount of cream or holding gel between your hands to warm it up and lightly coat all the strands. Then just brush hair up with your fingers until hair is as messy and textured as you want it to be.