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Emo Hairstyles For Men

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Perhaps the antithesis to punk, emo hairstyles for men can be one of the more difficult things to work with. However, if you take a moment to consider the cuts and styles that work best for showing a more sensitive world, then there is a lot of greatness that can follow.


The Cut

The undercut once again works best here. Dying the hair all black, and allow the growth of the top to come over works well here. For those that want a bit more, then cutting the hair short in the back, and allowing the top to flow over the face and sides, chin length, is the best way to go. Cuts have to have sharp notes along the back, and even the sides. Having longer hair over the front is key, even if the back will get spiked. The cut is a layered one, with a lot of standouts that comes in with the style.

The Styling

Style is everything when looking at emo hairstyles for men. Adding color to all black style is a good option, but styling should have the overage over the face with a sharp part. The longer hair should flow over the front, and the back should be propped up slightly with gel or hair spray. A contrast of smooth and spiky should be heralded here.