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Haircuts For Men With Longer Hair

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The rocker, the bad boy, and just about anyone that has a rebellious streak may want to look into haircuts for men with long hair. Longer hair doesn’t have to be wild and untamed, it can have form, shape, and can be cut to showcase the natural nuances in the face.

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The Cut

Going chin length can work well for that beach look, and can offer a bit of versatility. Cutting and layering to allow for that ocean breeze type can work for longer hair, and can be styled with ease. Adding just a bit of color is a good choice here, as many celebrities favor this west coast option. Layered cuts with a focus on framing the facial features and having a strict part can be a positive cut option. Of course the styling really wins this one, as there will be work needed to factor in this look. Shoulder length cuts work as long as they are trimmed and straightened, for maximum effect. Regular conditioning is the key here, and making sure to get a trim often is the best way to get this cut maximized.

The Styling

Styling longer hair is a mixed bag. If you’re going with straight hair, it’s all about volume, conditioning and washing. Trimming needs to be scheduled, and a focus on the care becomes more important. For other looks, blow drying, mouse, and hair spray will be life savers.