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Classy Mens Hairstyles

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Classy Mens Hairstyles

Defining classy mens hairstyles is a tough call. One can argue a lot about this, but the classics seem to stay in style a great deal, and can be seen on the red carpet premieres of many movies. So perhaps the classic and the classy can merge for the better.


The Cut

The short straight formal look can work, and looks classy. This undercut works great, but has to be very careful in how it’s trimmed and managed. Too short on the sides and back versus too long on top can pose issue. Shorter haircuts can work well, so long as they are even, and allow for a comb to pass through the top. Too short, and styling becomes stifled, which is the opposite of what one needs here. The formal option favors short hair, clean cut, and slick not wet.

The Styling

Styling classy mens hairstyles can be difficult. The best bet is once again to put product in the hair and stabilize it. No spiking, no wet hair, no extreme curls, just a comb and possibly some pomade to hold things down and in place. The purpose here is to be classy, without going overboard. The undercut options work best here as it gives versatility, assuming it is trimmed every few weeks, without allowing too much overgrowth.