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Cool Haircuts for the First Stages of Hair Loss

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Losing hair is something that most men dread especially when they learn how common male pattern baldness really is. When this problem surfaces, most men end up losing hope of ever looking good or start planning for expensive solutions for hair loss. Fortunately, just because you are losing hair does not mean that you have to settle for looking like the average Joe. Here are some cool haircuts that can help you counter the problem of hair loss.

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Cool Haircuts for the First Stages of Hair Loss

The Cut

The basic Donald Trump or your old college professor comb-over is, as you already know, no longer relevant. Male pattern baldness can become even more prominent if you try to compensate for it by keeping your hair, where it is thick, long. Instead, you should try to incorporate the areas where you are losing hair and aim for proportion. Short cropped hair can be perfect because when you keep hair on the sides, top, and back short, the areas where you do not have much hair would not stand out.

The Styling

The best part about short hair is that you do not have to worry about styling it that much. You just need it to be tidy. Just fix your hair so that you do not look like you stepped out of your bed and you are set. Alternatively, the out of bed look might work for some too!