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Hairstyle For Balding Men

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Hairstyle For Balding Men

Just because you are suffering from hair loss, doesn’t mean that there is no hope for style. Trying to find a hairstyle for balding men is as simple as looking for a mix of elegance and nuance. Of course, every option depends on a few factors, but overall, there are both long and short versions of style for those going bald, even if it’s gradual.

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The Cut

The most common option is the crew cut. Mixed with facial hair, the combination of this short option allows for the receding hairline to diminish gracefully. Short haircuts with longer sides can work, alongside a parting and comb over, but only if there’s significant hair to utilize. Look at the Royal family for this style. Curved styles can allow for the hairline to recede and allow for more contrast, but this needs to be carefully done. Hair lines that go too far back could look appalling instead of sophisticated. Longer hair in the back can work out well, with shorter haircuts. Be careful of overgrowth, as you don’t want an odd mullet.

The Styling

Styling can be difficult with many styles of balding design. Whether there’s a big decrease, or one that is gradually moving, style favors shorter haircuts for balding men. With that in mind, outside of the royal look, keeping things styled tight, short, and neat is the best way to go here. It’s also easiest overall.